Wega, Coffee Machines are our Passion

The central nervous system for our company is our General Headquarters in Susegana (TV), the single largest espresso coffee machine factory in the world, boasting a management process and energy savings that are state-of-the-art. Quality and green awareness are the cornerstones of an intelligent growth plan that is part of an international dimension extending throughout 130 countries and five continents, with offices in the USA (Greensboro) and several locations in Spain and France.

Conformity to the highest quality standards translates into the final product in the cup, as testified by certification from INEI, (Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano), the Italian National Espresso Institute. By adhering to a rigorous disciplinary technique imposed on its associates, Wega contributes to the safeguarding of a legacy shared among the greatest ambassadors of Italian creativity abroad.

The maximum expression of energy savings and technology at Wega is the electronic Wegaconcept coffee machine, which symbolizes the propensity for savings represented in the Green Line, distinguished by reduced energy consumption that allows for certified energy savings of 47.6% in standby mode and 30% while in use.

For more information on our company and products, please visit www.wega.it/en/