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Massarella Catering Group – UK

Caffe Massarella7

Massarella Catering Group is a market leader in restaurant and catering services throughout the UK. Founded in 1960, the company now employs more than 2000 people in over 150 shopping centres, department stores, garden centres, sales outlets and retail stores.

The key to the success of the group’s restaurants, self-service restaurants and coffee shops lies in its ability to meet and exceed customer expectations: a mission which has always distinguished Wega, too. This shared mission lies at the heart of a new collaboration, which will see Wegaconcept and My Concept coffee machines providing an enhanced coffee experience at Massarella Group’s new sites.


Cafes El Criollo Coffeeshop  – 5 Canfranc St., Saragoza


This third-generation coffee shop is located in the heart of Saragossa. Cafes El Criollo offers connoisseurs the chance to discover the finest blends and taste the most popular coffee-based specialties. The espresso here is prepared by a professional barista who makes use a beguiling Wegaconcept in the total black version. You can also take home coffee grinded in different ways for various types of coffee machines. The Cafes El Criollo brand boasts a centuries-old tradition marked by a passion for quality and excellence.


Restaurant La Mar  – Carrer d’Iboshim, 11, Ibiza

La Mar 1

In the magical land of Ibiza, island of penetrating colors and scents, along the Paseo Marítimo, you can find the renown La Mar restaurant.

This splendid context is complemented by the establishment’s fine dining aspect: Mediterranean and fusion dishes that combine tradition and innovation. Only the finest ingredients come together under the mastery of the chef, who creates symphonies of inimitable flavors.

The dessert menu features the house specialty, Tiramisù, which is a Venetian sweet prepared with coffee. So it was that, in the desire to serve both a perfect espresso at the end of a meal as well as a tiramisù worthy of the finest Italian pastry shops, La Mar chose Wega to guarantee only the best for its customers! Thanks to our Atlas machine, the patrons of this fantastic restaurant can be certain they are tasting genuine Italian coffee in all its wholesome goodness and enjoy all the properties it contains which favor a happy mood.


Trentino Winter Universiade 2013 – Trento

Trentino Winter Universiade 2013It is one of the biggest multi – disciplinary sports events in the world, accented by strong cultural relevance: in keeping with the FISU motto, “Excellence in Mind and Body”, the  Universiade joins sport and university life and is held in odd-numbered years in different cities. The 26th edition of the Winter Universiade will take place from December 11th to the 21st, 2013, in Trentino, a region that stands out for its high educational standards, quality of life, respect for the environment, sports and culture.

Wega could only second these values, as testified by their installation of a Mininova machine in the general headquarters of the Universiade in Trento. In addition to the main city, Trentino Winter Universiade 2013 will also touch Monte Bondone, Pergine Valsugana, Baselga di Pinè, the val di Fiemme and the val di Fassa, which will host the competitions for Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, biathlon, ice hockey, ice skating, curling and snowboarding.


Caffè Giacosa – Via della Spada 10, Firenze

Caffe Giacosa (8)Located  in Via della Spada 10, just a few meters from Via de’ Tornabuoni, the beating heart of Florentine glamour, the Caffè Giacosa is one of the best known and loved coffee shops of the Tuscan county seat. The local is elegantly furnished with a slightly wild touch evoked my “animalier” details. Tourist and locals come here to eat delicious pastries, taste artisan chocolate, sip a special cocktail or drink a delicious coffee. This last prepared thanks to our Sphera machine in the semi-automatic group with four spouts. Talk about classy coffee…


Nervin Cafè & Bistro – Yangon, Birmania

DSC01953Quality cuisine, excellent Italian coffee, impeccable service and a dream location:  these are the major attractions at the Nervin Cafè & Bistro in Yangon. Equipped with a chrome Polaris, the locale features a refined ethnic vibe and offers views of a lovely little lake. There are plenty of temptations to tickle the palate: from British cuisine to Italian, Greek and Mediterranean specialities, including pizzas, panini and vegetarian delights. The talented Burmese chef cooks up a mean penne all’arrabbiata: seeing is believing!

Nervin Cafè & Bistro on Facebook


Ristorante Bricco
– 304 c/o West 56th Street – New York

In Midtown MaRistorante Bricconhattan espresso coffee has been synonymous with Wega for 17 years. Here you can find a fine espresso coffee which has always been lovingly prepared by Mr. Nino Catuogno, owner of the well-known and loved Italian restaurant called Bricco, where guests are greeted by fresh flowers, fine furnishings and relaxing background music. The perfect place for serious working meetings or carefree happy hours, Bricco serves the finest Southern Italian cuisine, paying special tribute to culinary traditions from the island of Capri – where the owner comes from – with a nod to Northern cooking, great pizzas cooked in a wood burning oven and a fine selection of wines, featuring its own house label made with Nebbiolo grapes from the Barolo area. As the perfect host, Mr. Catuogno serves only the finest coffee prepared with the restaurant’s irreplaceable, incomparable Wega espresso machine.



Obikà Mozzarella Bar – Roma, via della Scrofa 14

The A 28621centerpiece here is the DOP Buffalo Mozzarella from the region of Campana, which comes from selected dairies from the Paestum and Agro Pontino areas and is cured following the highest artisan standards. A wide range of delicious, excellent Italian products centered on deli meats provides an irresistible tasting plate: fine lard from Colonnata, salami from Cinta Senese and San Daniele Prosciutto. Finish off the meal with an espresso worthy of this sensory experience, a coffee that is both satisfying and rewarding: naturally, prepared with a Wega machine.



Silo By Joost – 123 Hardware Street, Melbourne, Australia

SILO BY JOOSTThe brainchild of Joost Bakker, the visionary artist specializing in public installations and vertical gardens, Greenhouse by Joost is a green restaurant project built with eco-sustainable materials and covered with plants designed to bring a touch of nature to the big city. In Melbourne, the creativity inspired by Joost and the curator of fine coffee Danny Colls have also influenced the Wegaconcept, Wega’s energy-saving coffee machine, which was displayed in the locale partially disassembled to show its internal structure, including an electric blue colored LED lighting system: a project that was in perfect step with the ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ spirit that distinguishes Greenhouse and which has earned the Wegaconcept the nickname ‘Terminator’ of coffee machines.