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Digestive espresso. Coffee sorbet

by  Umer Shabib


Measures for 4 people

200 gr. sugar
400 ml water
250 gr. whipping cream
4 small cups of espresso
Coffee beans to garnish


Boil the water and sugar for a few minutes. Add the espresso and after mixing everything well, remove from heat and let cool. Whip the cream and gently stir it in to the mix.
Let sit in freezer for two hours. Take out the cream, mix in a blender and pour into flutes. Decorate to please with whipped cream and toasted coffee beans before serving.

Alternative preparation:

After removing the liquid from the flame, let it cool in the fridge for a couple of hours, then mix everything in a blender and add two egg whites whipped with some of the sugar. Leave in freezer and blend at regular intervals to avoid that the mixture freezes completely. Remove from freezer ten minutes before serving.

Photo by Umer Shabib