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Wegaconcept official machine for Rookies’ challenge in Seoul


The World Latte Art Battle called on young baristas to get into the ring and defend their dreams: that is, demonstrate their skills and capture the 2015 title for Best Coffee Rookie. The official machine for the challenge – which took place during the Seoul Int’l Cafe Show – was our very own Wegaconcept.

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Lessons in latte art at Seoul with Korean champion Umpaul


The QMB stand was rendered unmistakable by the look & feel of Wega and by a splendid showcase of our products at the Seoul Int’l Cafe Show, where we welcomed a guest of honor: Korean champion Umpaul delighted visitors with a special demonstration of latte art.

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Wega is a major player at the Seoul Int’l Cafe Show with QMB


Congratulations to QMB, which was able to make the most out of the World of Wega with a marvelous stand!

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