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Wega coffee models on the runway

logo_gfigfThe fusion of fashion and food brings life to new influences. Against the background of the week-long initiative called Milano Moda Donna, the Good Food in Good Fashion event will celebrate the synergy between fashion, culture and entrepreneurial excellence, using some luxury Milan hotels as backgrounds.

Part of the Milano Gourmet Experience format promoted by the Maestro Martino Association, represented by Chef Carlo Cracco and patron of the Expo 2015, Good Food in Good Fashion will see Wega starring in the inaugural event.

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SCAE 2014, Coffee connection!

Excellent organization, a sparkling atmosphere, remarkable international presence:  SCAE World of Coffee in Rimini confirmed itself as an event not to missed, and Wega was right there on the front lines, attending the trade fair with some brand new gems – including an entirely chromed Polaris – and a captivating expo space. Lots young people from the world over were guests at the stand, where they accepted the first-hand chance to try the most recent version of Wega – branded  espresso machines. Many clients from Australia, Asia, Europe and South Africa also paid a visit to the stand.


Espresso Italiano Champion, Wega style

It was a day full of thrills, dedicated to Italian espresso with zero defects: the Venetian stage of the Espresso Italiano Champion, a competition promoted by Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano.  Its first edition took the stage at the Wega general headquarters, infecting the competing baristas with the positive energy of the brand.

It was an event that gave its stars plenty of intense moments, captured in a video documenting the entire course of the challenge, from the welcoming of the contestants to the competition itself, under the watchful eyes of the technical jury and the master of ceremonies Gianluigi Sora, including the taste tests by the sensory jury and the prize ceremony that crowned the fantastic Emilio Tufano. The connecting thread of the day was Wega’s young, sparkly mood, which transformed the tension of the contest into pure fun.