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Espresso Italiano Champion, thrills brought to you by Wega


The perfect espresso is a precious little gem, just like a diamond. The difference lies in the details and the eye of an expert, someone who can distinguish eventual defects and recognize true perfection.

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Wega serves the best espresso on Lamai Beach, Thailand

Baobab_Koh Samui (1)

Greg is the owner of the Baobab beach restaurant, a favorite among beach goers in Koh Samui because it offers only the best when it comes to food, drink and hospitality.

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EIC Pre-selections: Wega rewards Andrea Faggiana

Preselezione_EIC (1)

A contagious smile, a bit of a hipster look and talent to spare: these are the traits that distinguish Andrea Faggiana, the young barista who captured victory last Thursday, May 7th in the primary selections for Espresso Italiano Champion hosted by Wega.

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