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Espresso Italiano Champion, thrills brought to you by Wega


The perfect espresso is a precious little gem, just like a diamond. The difference lies in the details and the eye of an expert, someone who can distinguish eventual defects and recognize true perfection.

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Cat walk, new flavours and great espresso at Palazzo Morando


If fashion is a treat for the eyes, so is stellar cuisine for the palate, especially if you finish it all off with an excellent quality coffee like one made by Wega. There was a wide assortment of ingredients at the inaugural evening for Good Food in Good Fashion, the event hosted at the Palazzo Morando last September 9th.

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Wega coffee models on the runway

logo_gfigfThe fusion of fashion and food brings life to new influences. Against the background of the week-long initiative called Milano Moda Donna, the Good Food in Good Fashion event will celebrate the synergy between fashion, culture and entrepreneurial excellence, using some luxury Milan hotels as backgrounds.

Part of the Milano Gourmet Experience format promoted by the Maestro Martino Association, represented by Chef Carlo Cracco and patron of the Expo 2015, Good Food in Good Fashion will see Wega starring in the inaugural event.

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