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Wega coffee machines enchant everyone in Iran!


Imagine a beautifully sunny piazza with immaculately-kept, leafy gardens surrounding a cascading fountain. We’re talking about the main square in the city of Esfahan, in central Iran, which in the middle of July 2016 was the setting for the first ever Iranian Latte Art Competition.

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Spanish Barista Championship


The third True Coffee Experience, a speciality coffee festival and an exclusive meeting place for coffee professionals and coffee lovers from across the whole of Spain, has hosted the finals of the Spanish Barista Championship. The national champions announced in each specialist area will go on to compete for the world title in Dublin and Shanghai.

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Wegaconcept official machine for Rookies’ challenge in Seoul


The World Latte Art Battle called on young baristas to get into the ring and defend their dreams: that is, demonstrate their skills and capture the 2015 title for Best Coffee Rookie. The official machine for the challenge – which took place during the Seoul Int’l Cafe Show – was our very own Wegaconcept.

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