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Wega ‘freestyle’ at EICMA 2015 with DaBoot


Our Polaris just had one of the most exciting field trips ever: from November 19th to the 22nd, our gem was showcased in its wildest version ever at the EICMA International Motorcycling Exhibition in Milan (Esposizione Mondiale del Motociclismo di Milano).

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Strong & Tough Night: party time in Wega style at the Teatro Vetra Versace


The gala event celebrated by Wega for the occasion of the Host trade fair was the perfect time to explore  #thewegaway: last Saturday, October 24th, the prestigious Teatro Vetra Versace translated the very essence of their brand into an excellent party.

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Espresso Italiano Champion, thrills brought to you by Wega


The perfect espresso is a precious little gem, just like a diamond. The difference lies in the details and the eye of an expert, someone who can distinguish eventual defects and recognize true perfection.

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