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Cat walk, new flavours and great espresso at Palazzo Morando


If fashion is a treat for the eyes, so is stellar cuisine for the palate, especially if you finish it all off with an excellent quality coffee like one made by Wega. There was a wide assortment of ingredients at the inaugural evening for Good Food in Good Fashion, the event hosted at the Palazzo Morando last September 9th.

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Giro d’Italia/2. Meetings along the Boot


Between one stage in the Giro and the next there are all sorts of happy coincedences. The Wega delegation is a guest at the Pink Race with team Cannondale, and along the way it just so happened to come across another important partner of the company: Team Petroli Firenze Wega Contech, one of the strongest amateur teams in Italy.

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Wega at the Giro d’Italia with team Cannondale!

Wega - Cannondale (1)

Wega is taking to the saddle and ready to ride around the Italian boot next to Cannondale Pro Cycling, one of the most eminent formations on the international cycling scene, which will be participating in the fantastic  Giro d’Italia race that will criss cross the peninsula for 21 days of pure excitement from May 4th to the 26th.

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