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Wega hosts the Iiac and Best Coffee coffee taster’s certificate!


On Thursday 16th February, Wega hosted IIAC (the International Institute of Coffee Tasters) and Best Coffee (a leading importer of raw coffee from producers in various countries, including Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia and Brasil) to run Iiac’s M1 module which leads to the Iiac coffee taster’s certificate.

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Wega sponsors the International Coffee Tasting event

ICT_2014_Logo_smallIntroducing a contest reserved for single origin coffee or blends; in beans, powders or single dose, for espresso , mochas or filters: the most interesting coffees in the world will be put to the challenge in Brescia from October 21st to the 22nd, 2014, to affirm themselves, in the eyes of experts and consumers, as the best products on the market.

The International Coffee Tasting contest is back, organized by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters – Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori Caffè (Iiac) in association with Italian tasters from Centro Studi Assaggiatori (Csa), and support from Iiac Japan, Iiac Korea and Iiac Taiwan and the International Academy of Sensory Analysis (Iasa).

Wega is sponsoring the competition, which is in its sixth edition this year. The ultimate goal of International Coffee Tasting is, first and foremost, to create customer satisfaction and to highlight fine products – which come from specific areas, and which are selected and elaborated by professionals.

An international panel will be in charge of the judging, according to scientific rules and sensory analysis.

For information: www.assaggiatoricaffe.org