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Wega – official partner of a very successful Triestespresso!


Wega took part in Triestespresso Expo 2016 from 20th to 22nd October. The exhibition space of the tricolor brand was, as always, a blaze of light and colour, packed with clients and coffee lovers at every moment.

The Wega team was made up of Emilio Tufano, Wega’s official barista and finalist in the Espresso Italiano Champion contest, and Stefano Gava, a key member of Wega’s Customer Service team and the undisputed star of the “How To…” video tutorial series.

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Wega in the land of the Rising Sun


Wega has recently taken part in the twelfth SCAJ (Specialty Coffee Association of Japan) Conference and Exhibition in Tokyo from 28th to 30th September. Our team on the ground, comprised of Arnaud Dupuis of Wega Asia and Emanuele Fratini, Wega Trainer, made sure visitors to the event got involved by showing them how Wega coffee machines are the height of innovation – all the more apt as this was the theme of the event.

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The growing business of coffee: Wega visits Teheran for the Iran Coffee & Tea Expo 2016


Summer at the seaside? Not this year! The Wega team decided they’d rather spend a few days in Teheran and experience the magical atmosphere of one of the up-and-coming trade fairs in the Iranian coffee business: Iran Coffee & Tea Expo 2016.

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