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Parisian coffee break with Bistromobile and Fernandez

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It started from the 18th arrondissement, in one of the symbolic places of the French capital, the adventure of the first creation of Bistromobile, produced in collaboration with Fernandez, distributor for the Wega brand in France.

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The awards for the International Contest of Locally Roasted Coffees in Paris


Last June 12th, a prestigious event in Paris crowned the winners of the first edition of the International Contest of Locally Roasted Coffees. The competition was organized by AVPA (Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles), and featured Wega as one if its partners, supplying their very best to the event.

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Wega lets loose at the OffSide Zoo Festival!


Movement is good for you: even more so if it’s for a good cause. Wega is charging summer with positive energy that joins sport, fun, music and solidarity. To mark the occasion of the fourth edition of the OffSide Zoo Festival set to take place in Prata di Pordenone, Wega will sponsor a 5-man football tournament to support the Biasotto Foundation, a volunteer association that provides free transportation for oncology patients.

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