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Espresso Italiano Champion, thrills brought to you by Wega


The perfect espresso is a precious little gem, just like a diamond. The difference lies in the details and the eye of an expert, someone who can distinguish eventual defects and recognize true perfection.

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Wegaconcept for Korea Latte Art Championship

IMG_2015-09-22 03_20_45

Technique, passion and attention to detail: the essence of Wegaconcept, Wega’s top machine dedicated to espresso professionals, synthesizes the challenge of the Korea Latte Art Championship, which will decide the finalist who will go on to compete in the World finals in Shanghai next spring.

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Fantastic result at Nanjing Race for the Wega Racing Team!



Our two pilots Emmanuel Carcassonne et Arnaud Dupuis had been very competitive all week end long with pole position and victory for Arnaud and second place at the qualifications and at the race for Emmanuel.

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