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Emilio Tufano from Wega takes home the Treviso stage of the EIC


Congratulations to Emilio Tufano for his splendid victory in the north-eastern selection of the Espresso Italiano Champion event, which was hosted at Wega headquarters in Susegana on May 23rd.

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Wega at the Salone del Libro Book Fair for the 2014 Cappuccino Championship

Campionato Cappuccino (8)

The curtain on excellence came up in Torino, the city of literary cafés.

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Wega promotes the culture of coffee at the 13th Italian Barista Championship


In fifteen minutes contestants have to prepare four espressos, four cappuccinos and four espresso-based drinks, completing the test with the proper mise en place and an explanation of the characteristics of the blend used and its source: this was the challenge faced by the finalists at the Piedmont selections that took place at the Maison Massena in Turin on Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th of November, 2013. Winners of these competitions will qualify for the finals in the Italian Barista championship.

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