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Wega and Aroma Group share expertise and passion at the Maestro Barista Challenge 2016!


From 30 August to 4 September 2016 Aroma Group hosted the magnificent Maestro Barista Challenge in the luxurious setting of Bangkok’s famous shopping mall, Central Festival East Ville. The competition was the platform for two fiercely-contested championships reserved for some of the best professional baristas in Thailand: the Indy Barista Championship (already in its eighth edition) and the Espresso Italiano Champion (held in Thailand for the first time in its history).

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The growing business of coffee: Wega visits Teheran for the Iran Coffee & Tea Expo 2016


Summer at the seaside? Not this year! The Wega team decided they’d rather spend a few days in Teheran and experience the magical atmosphere of one of the up-and-coming trade fairs in the Iranian coffee business: Iran Coffee & Tea Expo 2016.

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Polaris – Coffee with a rock beat!


We’ve always said that Wega has a rockstar spirit. We proved it with the video we made to launch the IO. In it our friends Andrea, Gloria, Massimo and Nicola had a great time leaping in the air, playing the electric guitar and doing tricks on their skateboards while being covered from head to toe in buckets of green, orange and white paint.

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