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Wega’s sense for coffee tasting

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How is the perfect blend achieved? Naturally, the secret doesn’t just lie in the simple mixing of varieties: in fact, there are precise parameters that can insure the best result in terms of balance, intensity and strength. No less complex is the evaluation of the final product in the cup: it’s no coincidence t2013-02-22 11.30.28hat coffee tasting boasts a long history which can be expressed, as in other fields of food and wine, through a complex sensory analysis that can transform tasting into a veritable connoisseur’s experience.

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Beans tell the story. Identifying the varieties


The Coffea genus includes numerous species of small tropical trees from which the black brew is obtained. Simply put, on a commercial level coffee can be divided into two main varieties, the Arabica bean (Coffea arabica) and the bean commonly known as Robusta (Coffea canephora), cultivated in an equatorial zone spanning close to 5000 km across about 80 different countries.

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