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Giro d’Italia/2. Meetings along the Boot


Between one stage in the Giro and the next there are all sorts of happy coincedences. The Wega delegation is a guest at the Pink Race with team Cannondale, and along the way it just so happened to come across another important partner of the company: Team Petroli Firenze Wega Contech, one of the strongest amateur teams in Italy.

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Coffee is more chic with the Sphera

Caffe Giacosa (3)

“Confetteria, pasticceria, vini e liquori, restaurant, sala da the, fabbrica di cioccolata. Fornitori brevettati della Real Casa. Casa Giacosa, fondata nel 1815″: this is the antique motto for Caffè Giacosa. Walking along the Via della Spada, just a few meters from Via de’ Tornabuoni, in the beating heart of glamorous Florence, you come across number 10, home of this lovingly remodelled, historic locale.

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Giro d’Italia/1. From Naples to Margherita di Savoia

Giro d'Italia (3)

Elia Viviani has come in second place again. The sixth stage of the Giro d’Italia came to its conclusion in front of a large crowd worthy of such an occasion. It was a flat stage along the windy coast of Puglia and once again the white-and-green pacer Cameron Wurf made it out front in the leadout group.

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