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Wega Training Center: 360° of preparation

Training center

Wega has always been attentive to professional growth and training. That’s why we offer an annual program of standard and personalized courses aimed at sales networks, pre- and post- sale technical assistants, mechanics and baristas. Classes are held at the company’s training headquarters in Susegana, but also at the locations of our distributors and clients throughout the world.

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Tirreno CT 2014

Pavilion B / Aisle 17 / Stand 451

The New Polaris is keeping up with the times and introduces a new pushbutton system next to a completely updated design.

Wega also comes to the tradeshow with intelligent and ecological solutions for the care and maintenance of professional machines and grinders by their proud owners, with products from the Optimum Coffee Treatment line.

Other models on display  include the Sphera – in its white, electronic, 2-group version, as well as a machine representing the epitome of vintage design, the Vela Vintage, displayed in the version with 3 lever-style groups and a chrome finish.

Wega promotes the culture of coffee at the 13th Italian Barista Championship


In fifteen minutes contestants have to prepare four espressos, four cappuccinos and four espresso-based drinks, completing the test with the proper mise en place and an explanation of the characteristics of the blend used and its source: this was the challenge faced by the finalists at the Piedmont selections that took place at the Maison Massena in Turin on Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th of November, 2013. Winners of these competitions will qualify for the finals in the Italian Barista championship.

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