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The Coffee Experience: espresso on the scene in Sydney

Fiat 500 - Front

Fiat 500 - BackWega made its debut in grand style at The Coffee Experience, a sector event that took place in Sydney from the 4th to the 6th of September, 2014.

In occasion of the trade fair open to professionals and coffee lovers, which was in its first edition this year, Coffee Works Express – Australian importer of Wega brand equipment – tricked out a special Fiat 500 car and equipped it with a compact Atlas and measurer/grinder.

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Wega a major player with technology and heart at MICE & BWC!

Ben Toovey della Specialty Coffee Division, Quality Control & Social Media all'opera

The World Barista Championship was held from May 22 to the 26 in the fabulous location of the Melbourne International Coffee Expo.
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