February Trade Fairs / Gulfood

Gulfood (2)

During the month of February Gulfood, the largest trade fair for food & hospitality in the Middle East and Gulf States, opened its busy calendar of events that shined a spotlight on Wega-branded excellence.

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Truth Coffee and Sphera training baristas in Cape Town

Barista School

Truth Coffee, a coffee shop and school that aims to train the baristas of tomorrow, is located against the splendid backdrop of Cape Town.

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Buttered risotto with espresso coffee

Katherine Lim RED


Portions for 4 people

300 g rice
1 small cup of espresso
1 scallion or onion
Parmesan  or pecorino cheese
Vegetable stock
Extra virgin olive oil

Prepare the vegetable broth with vegetables selected to taste and then prepare a small cup of fine quality coffee. In a frying pan, brown the finely chopped scallion or onion in a few teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil and toast the rice for a few minutes. At this point add half the coffee and let it evaporate. Then slowly stir the warm broth into the rice; once it’s half cooked add the remaining coffee. Bring back to a simmer and continue adding broth – salting to taste as necessary – and finish cooking by melting in the butter and parmesan or pecorino as you like.

Photo by Katherine Lim