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Polaris – Coffee with a rock beat!


We’ve always said that Wega has a rockstar spirit. We proved it with the video we made to launch the IO. In it our friends Andrea, Gloria, Massimo and Nicola had a great time leaping in the air, playing the electric guitar and doing tricks on their skateboards while being covered from head to toe in buckets of green, orange and white paint.

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Polaris takes centre stage at Shanghai for the Espresso Italiano Championship!


On 30 June Shanghai, one of the world’s biggest cities, provided the backdrop for an exciting round of the world championship dedicated to true coffee lovers, the Espresso Italiano Championship, organised by the Italian Espresso National Institute (INEI).

Wega could not miss such an important date, and flew to China, taking with it a squadron of Polaris machines, coffee machines that guarantee a high level of reliability with a distinctive futuristic design.

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Wega celebrates 25 years with Eurogat


2016 will be a truly unforgettable year for Theo Konstantinidis, one of Wega’s longest-standing clients. A few weeks ago he celebrated several equally important personal and business milestones with a very special evening event, the proceeds of which went entirely to the charity “Il Sorriso dei Bambini”.

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