Success for Wega and Espresso Academy at Tirreno CT!


A record number of visitors and a packed exhibition stand were the order of the day for Wega at Tirreno CT, where the company revealed its new stand design: four completely separate coffee stations, each dedicated to a coffee machine offering different functionality, and a collaboration with Espresso Academy… the latest exciting development!

The four-day event saw a host of visitors spend time on the stand, curious to find out more about our product range and to take part in our scheduled workshops. The area dedicated to Espresso Academy, one of the best known barista training schools in Italy, signed up scores of coffee professionals keen to learn and challenge themselves. The educational sessions were interspersed with plenty of fun and entertainment, in true Wega style.

As part of the cappuccino course, participants had the chance to enjoy some outstanding latte art: the swan and tulip designs left everyone dumbfounded!

“The exhibition was a huge success for Wega,” declared Claudio Arrighi, Area Manager. “We had the opportunity to speak to existing clients, meet some great new potential buyers and see the enormous interest and enthusiasm of visitors to the stand. Our decision to use four coffee stations and to introduce an educational aspect definitely went down well with the public. Thanks to Espresso Academy, we were able to offer a top quality service completely free to everyone who wanted to know more!”

“I agree with Claudio,” adds Gabriele Cortopassi, a trainer at Espresso Academy and creator of the blog, which offers advice on opening your own coffee bar. “This was an unmissable opportunity to be able to work in partnership to offer real quality to people visiting the stand. Our workshops were developed with Wega to reach a specific target audience and to offer them some really useful training. Thank you to the Wega team for their warm welcome and for working so hard with us!”