Wega hosts the Iiac and Best Coffee coffee taster’s certificate!


On Thursday 16th February, Wega hosted IIAC (the International Institute of Coffee Tasters) and Best Coffee (a leading importer of raw coffee from producers in various countries, including Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia and Brasil) to run Iiac’s M1 module which leads to the Iiac coffee taster’s certificate.

Taking part were 28 participants and one lecturer: Luigi Odello, currently a lecturer in Sensory Analysis at universities both in Italy and abroad, Chairman of IIAC , General Secretary of INEI (the Italian Espresso National Institute), Academic Secretary of the International Academy of Sensory Analysis, Chairman of the Taster Study Centre, Editor in Chief of the magazines L’Assaggio, Coffee Taster and Sensory News, and author of numerous books.

A team trained by Wega experts was on hand to prepare a stream of coffees to present to the students, providing them with a range of tastings differing in complexity.

The course is made up of two parts: one part theory, the other part practical, comprising of tastings. It lasts eight hours and finishes with an exam for those who wish to become tasters and receive their coffee taster’s certificate. The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions on the subjects covered in the course and a sensory evaluation of three coffees.

The day takes place in a spirit of learning and fun, with a great deal of information to take in, but all in a light-hearted and enjoyable way.

Thank you to everyone for taking part and for making this a great learning experience!