Wega goes interactive at Tirreno CT!

Massa Carrara

Wega has decided to adopt a new format on the occasion of the 37th edition of Tirreno CT, programmed from February 19 to 22 at the Tirreno Trade exhibition centre in Massa Carrara.

The stand will feature 4 bar stations, totally autonomous, where visitors will be able to interact with My Concept, Vela Vintage, Polaris and Mininova Classic. These tricolour brand machines are just waiting for your “touch” to swing into action!

One of these stations will also be dedicated to training activities devised and conducted in synergy with the prestigious Espresso Academy, located in Florence but active all over the world! Espresso Academy holds both basic and advanced courses for coffee bar tenders, “latte art” courses and preparatory courses for championships, all this using advanced tools and state of the art tuition techniques.

Espresso Academy will be hosted at the Wega stand (Hall B / Lane 17 / Stand 447-448) to speak of current themes regarding the professional bartender’s world. The workshop will be free and can be attended by anyone interested in participating. Here is the programme:


11.00 a.m. “Coffee, from its origins and beyond: the correct preparation of espresso coffee and an approach to its evaluation by using a refractometer.”

3.30 p.m. “Opening a bar or restaurant. Assessing the target and expected trade through to structure offers and decor.”


11.00 a.m. “From yogurt bars to cafeterias: the third wave, how the coffee bar business world has evolved.”

3.30 p.m. “Playing with cappuccinos: sweetness and organoleptic analysis of the various milk foaming temperatures, the full-bodied effect of fresh and micro-filtered milks.”

Wega awaits a numerous response, come, learn and enjoy yourselves with the whole team!