Wega smashes EICMA!


This year, from the 8th to the 13th November, Wega once again took part in the EICMA Motorcycle Show, which brought motorcycle lovers to Milan from all across the world.

Wega was the official partner of Team Da Boot, captained by the legendary Alvaro Dal Farra. A bespoke coffee corner created within the Da Boot exhibition area enabled us to offer a high-energy break for riders and visitors alike. On hand to prepare outstanding Wega coffee was a Polaris Limited Edition machine, whose laser-etched bodywork brought together the logos of the two brands.

The Team Da Boot exhibition area included a paddock area, four hospitality areas and an Action Zone, where twenty riders took over no less than three ramps, leaving the audience gasping at their extreme stunts!

A great coffee was just what the gravity-defying riders needed, not to mention the visitors exploring the Fiera Milano exhibition centre, the setting for the number one event in the motorcycle calendar. With over a hundred years of history, and already shaping the future, EICMA is known as the launch pad for the latest new trends.

Wega was also proud to support two other important events: the unveiling of Alvaro’s latest amazing bike, the Kawasaki Magnet, and the mototherapy event, which was also held in this stunning festive setting.

The Kawasaki Magnet is a technological jewel that encapsulates the idea of magnetic force: invisible to the eye, but incredibly powerful. Its aggressive and innovative style has been achieved through new and unusual techniques: its structure and aluminium components have been embellished with 3D laser engraving; colour and anodising give the bike uniformity; carbon fibers render it lightweight and give it a unique appearance; while the graphics change depending on the viewing angle thanks to a series of perforations.

In short, a real work of art!

Last but not least, the mototherapy event was the chance for young people with disabilities to enjoy a day in the open air amidst the roar of the bikes and the inspirational company of Alvaro and the Da Boot team who, as usual, managed to show them some fun in total safety!

A big thank you to Alvaro and Team Da Boot for this fantastic experience!