An outstanding first Cafèstival!


During the weekend of 5th and 6th November, the historic Palazzo Albergati in Zola Pedrosa, Bologna, opened its gates to welcome 17 exhibitors and thousands of excited visitors.

Cafèstival, an event created by communications agency Comunicatori su Misura,  proved to be hugely popular. The first ever two-day show was a sell-out, with visitor numbers at their maximum!

The stunning location, combined with a programme packed full of interesting activities, was guaranteed to generate enthusiasm and spark people’s interest in this new event.

The setting was a breathtaking baroque palace built in the seventeenth century and tucked away in a fairytale park, but just minutes from the city centre.

The two-day event gave visitors the opportunity to take a cultural and sensory journey to the heart of coffee. Coffee has a huge influence on our everyday lives: in art, literature, theatre, cinema, music, advertising and even health. The aim of Cafèstival was to enable visitors to discover all these different aspects.

This was achieved through a rich calendar of events, including: four cookery shows in which four famous chefs went head to head to prepare a series of sweet and savoury delicacies using coffee as their key ingredient; a creative experience that brought together coffee and ice cream; a packed programme of lectures hosted by leading figures from the Italian cultural scene and business world; and, last but not least, a coffee machine museum!

Wega was present as the Made in Italy mark’s sole ambassador for professional coffee machines. Our exhibition space featured a unique My Concept machine specially customised for the event. On its sides were the Cafèstival logo, while the rear panel paid tribute to the host city, Bologna, with the city’s skyline captured on an image of one of Wega’s distinctive coffee cups. Showing it off to the full was our supremely skilled official barista, Emilio, who prepared outstanding coffee for all the guests.

“The event was a huge success,” comments Gianni Melis, Area Manager for Wega. “It was full of industry professionals and people who wanted to find out more, all linked by a shared passion: coffee. For those of us from Wega it was satisfying for other reasons, too, with many positive comments about our machines and numerous enquiries and new contacts in just two days.”

Thank you once gain to Cafèstival, Comunicatori su Misura and the Wega staff who attended the event!