Wega and Aroma Group share expertise and passion at the Maestro Barista Challenge 2016!


From 30 August to 4 September 2016 Aroma Group hosted the magnificent Maestro Barista Challenge in the luxurious setting of Bangkok’s famous shopping mall, Central Festival East Ville. The competition was the platform for two fiercely-contested championships reserved for some of the best professional baristas in Thailand: the Indy Barista Championship (already in its eighth edition) and the Espresso Italiano Champion (held in Thailand for the first time in its history).

Both contests took place in a spirit of professionalism, healthy competition and good humour: the baristas, although extremely focused, always had a smile on their faces, with the result that after just six days some true friendships had flourished.

The winner of the Indy Barista Championship, Athip Archalrttrakool, raised the trophy above his head after beating the other challengers in front of a panel of six judges, four sensory and two technical. In just fifteen minutes he had prepared four espressos, four cappuccinos and four coffee-based drinks, all to the highest standard, explaining in a wealth of detail what he was doing.

The winner of the Espresso Italiano Champion, Khataporn Chansuwon, demonstrated supreme skill in less than eleven minutes, during which she showed the four sensory judges and two technical judges her ability to produce four espressos and four cappuccinos, as well as calibrating the grinder and leaving her workstation tidy and spotless. In addition to the trophy, she wins the fabulous opportunity of flying to Italy to take part in the semifinals which will be held at the Triestespresso fair from 20 to 22 October 2016.

The competition was the first Espresso Italiano Champion contest to be held in Thailand, and was approached in an extremely professional manner, as demonstrated by the technical briefing which lasted a whole day. Our very own Emilio gave the competitors an excellent explanation of how the competition worked, while Emanuele briefed the judges.

The tension was broken with a musical performance by Pop Pongkul, a famous Thai singer. With her incredible voice, she really knows how to get a crowd going!

All the competitors finished the competition week praising the efficiency of the Polaris, the official machine of the Maestro Barista Challenge, which proved itself a faithful ally for the baristas in their quest for the trophy. Even Khataporn Cahnsuwon, through tears of happiness at her win, gave special thanks to Aroma and Wega for giving her the opportunity to compete at the highest level and to fulfil her dream.