What colour was WOC 2016? Green of course – what else could it have been in Dublin?

WEGA WOC 24.06.2016-4483

From the 23rdto the 25th of June, Wega took part in World of Coffee 2016, one of the most important international fairs for the coffee industry. One of the key aspects of the fair, organised by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), is its international reach: it is, in fact, an itinerant event that travels around Europe each year looking for the perfect place to open its doors.

A big event for the fair – now in its sixteenth year – was the launch of the first World of Coffee Sustainability Forum, a chance to discuss the issues faced by the world of coffee relating to social and environmental sustainability. Wega, too, is committed to these values and for some time we have pursued a green philosophy in our manufacturing approach, managing energy in an informed way, recycling waste materials, and launching our Green Line in 2009.

This year, WOC put innovation centre stage. We therefore decided to create our stand around this theme, and to showcase the real innovations in the market. The obvious star of the show was the My Concept, Wega’s flagship machine, which, with its numerous innovative functions, embodies the theme perfectly.

Visitors from across the world, united by a common interest and passion for coffee, were able to admire the My Concept in action at the coffee bar and at the barista station, and received a complimentary Wega Barista Bag.

Our Business Development Manager, Andrea Colombo, gave us the low-down on the World Barista Championship (WBC), which this year happened to coincide with the World of Coffee fair.

How was it for you being part of the World Barista Championship?

It was really exciting to see how more and more young people are choosing a career as a barista. Many of them seized this event as an incredible opportunity to discover the latest developments in the market and to understand which machines will support them best in their work. That’s why the Wega Barista Station was so popular, because it gave people the chance to try out the different functions of the My Concept.

What was attendance like at the fair? Was there a strong international contingent?

All I’ll say is that there were visitors from 62 countries: Zambia, Thailand, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, Spain… To put it shortly, a truly international event.

Were the majority of the competition entrants new players or familiar faces?

A large part was made up of professionals who have been entering the competition for several years. But there were also a lot of youngsters taking part and it was great to see their passion, their enthusiasm and their willingness to put themselves out there.