Wega invests in Italy’s central/southern markets


The 36th edition of “Tirreno CT” constitutes a top level showcase for all food industry sector concerns aiming at securing a slice in the new Central/Southern Italy market. Joining the event with a much bigger stand compared with previous years, this is an important opportunity for Wega as well.

“I am very satisfied indeed with the results from this trade fair”, said area manager Claudio Arrighi. “The investment made by the company has borne its fruits: Wega’s exhibition space was one of the most visited, we never took a break and our machines solicited great curiosity and attention. Wega really made its mark.”

Key attractions on the stand were the EVD/3 Total White and the Matt Black Polaris EVD/2 versions of the innovative My Concept, with sides enriched by luminous leds, and which, with its exclusive design, lights and tones, always attracts the clients. The new IO was much appreciated as well, since it offers businesses with lesser coffee consumption the chance to rely on a truly high-performance machine.