Strong & Tough Night: party time in Wega style at the Teatro Vetra Versace


The gala event celebrated by Wega for the occasion of the Host trade fair was the perfect time to explore  #thewegaway: last Saturday, October 24th, the prestigious Teatro Vetra Versace translated the very essence of their brand into an excellent party.

This prestigious Milan location was the setting for the Strong& Tough concept, which synthesizes the Wega philosophy of uncompromising originality and perfection, as described in the video presented for the occasion of the Host trade fair, which shows the search for the perfect espresso as a long, breath-taking journey.

Guests at the Teatro Vetra were welcomed in front of a projection of the Wega on-the-road video.  As an original invitation, they had each received a pocket handkerchief in a Wega-inspired old school design, to be displayed at the entrance to get into one of the most fashionable locales in Milan’s historic center.

After being spoiled by the seductive atmosphere and a grand style buffet, guests got down to the rhythms of music from a DJ set: team Wega were really getting in to it, causing flashes at the photo booth as well as sparks on the dance floor.