Espresso Italiano Champion, thrills brought to you by Wega


The perfect espresso is a precious little gem, just like a diamond. The difference lies in the details and the eye of an expert, someone who can distinguish eventual defects and recognize true perfection.

At Host Milano, the search for an impeccable espresso took place yesterday at the Wega stand, which hosted the super finals in the Espresso Italiano Champion series. It was a thrilling challenge in an unforgettable setting, against the background of a big shiny diamond that reigned at the Wega main bar.

Six finalists from various nationalities took on one another in front of an international panel of Italian, Korean and Taiwanese judges, to capture the title of Espresso Italiano Champion: that is to say, the professional who can best represent the excellence of Italian style barista in the world. It was an ambitious challenge, promoted by INEI – Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano – which took place yesterday in the presence of Paolo Nadalet, CEO for Wega and President of INEI, and attracted a large crowd from this grand event.

The finalists had just one mission: adjust their machines and prepare four perfect espressos and four flawless cappuccinos in only 11 minutes. They were judged by a double panel: technical and sensorial, the latter conducting blind evaluations according to the standards set forth by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters – Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori Caffè (Iiac).

All contestants autographed the official machines used in the final (two splendid Wega Polaris models in limited editions, personalized for the occasion), but only one of them scored the victory: Greece’s 24 year-old Giannis Magkanas.

It was very exciting for everyone, not just for the outstanding winner but also for the entire Wega staff, that worked hard and collaborated closely to guarantee the success of the event.

In the photo: Giannis Magkanas with Paolo Nadalet and Luigi Odello