First win for the Wega Racing Team!

First win (7)

The third HONDA FIT- ASR CUP 2015 racing week-end took place in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

Our colleague Arnaud missed the pole position for 0,007 sec. Emmanuel qualified 7th. (James HUANG was driving a car with new CPU new air box and slics tires so take part to an other category race).

IMG_0188During the start Arnaud had been passed by Tommy LEE from USA and arrived at turn 1 in third position. But at the last turn Arnaud passed him back and got the second position. It took him an other 5 laps to come on Recardo BRUINS from South Korea bumper. Arnaud did pass him in turn 3 to finish at the first position bringing the first victory to the WEGA RACING TEAM. With the best lap time in race Arnaud got additional points. Emmanuel finished 7th, same place as his qualifying position.

Arnaud started last on the inverted grid. Thank to a fantastic start he managed to pass 6 cars at the first corner. Our colleague kept pushing hard and managed to pass all the other competitors one by one to finish first and bringing therefore a second unexpected win to the WEGA RAGING TEAM. With again the best lap time in race, Arnaud got additional points at the championship. It is the first time ever that a rookie won two races in a week-end. Congratulations to Arnaud. Emmanuel did finish at the 5th place beating Tommy lee on the finish line for 0,002 sec…

With two victories, and two best lap time, Arnaud jump at the second position at the championship. Emmanuel got the 3rd one. 2 x WEGA RACING TEAM pilots in the top 3!
WEGA a winning spirit.