February Trade Fairs / Gulfood

Gulfood (2)

During the month of February Gulfood, the largest trade fair for food & hospitality in the Middle East and Gulf States, opened its busy calendar of events that shined a spotlight on Wega-branded excellence.

Gulfood (4)“I think it’s becoming increasingly important to be there, because Dubai is a transit and business hub for the whole world,” explains area manager Filippo Nardin. “By being there we can show the solidity of a brand like Wega, which is present in 130 countries in the world. The event highlighted how people are coming to appreciate quality coffee more and more, and how they are always striving for a better result in the cup. The world of coffee is definitely growing, as is average consumption, but the experience of people who know what they want and what to expect from coffee is also changing a lot.”

There were several different types of visitors in attendance: there was a surprising presence from some African countries like Tanzania, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Uganda; a discreet yet constant attendance by Asian countries like Korea, China and Indonesia; and a strong presence as usual at this trade fair from all the countries in the Middle East.”

“Two different types of machines were introduced at Gulfood:  the new Polaris, a very robust machine with an appealing design, which is enjoying increasing popularity in many countries in the world. The My Concept model was also introduced; it comes equipped with Greenline technology that allows for more efficient management of the machine which, thanks to its multi-boiler system, helps save a lot of energy for the planet and for the final customer.”

“Besides the models on display, the Wega brand reaffirmed all of its strong points: the high quality of its machines, which are reliably functional and highly robust; the trademark’s design, which attracts a wide variety of clients; the quality of service offered and the company’s availability when it comes to serving their customers day by day according to their needs.”