Wega stars at the 2014 Internorga

Internorga (3)

It’s a four-square coffee experience, with five pavilions dedicated to the most innovative concepts, the acrobatics of the best baristas and all the hottest trends on the coffee scene: Wega Macchine per Caffè couldn’t miss the appointment with the 88th edition of Internorga, the most important European trade fair for the catering and food service sector.

Taking place from March 14th to the 19th, 2014, at the Hamburg Messe fairgrounds in Hamburg, the event brought a great sense of satisfaction thanks to the good public turnout and the excellent reception of the products on exhibition, including the new generation Wegaconcept of the and the new edition of the Polaris, with its futuristic chassis and a special lighting display on its side panel.

“Compared to the 2013 edition, we noticed a quality leap in the visitors,” commented area manager Raffaele Dell’Acqua. “The people coming to the stand were mostly professionals and there were very few people who were there just out of curiosity. The My Concept and the new Polaris received a grand consensus: all the Wega retailers were clamouring for it and impatient to order it; it was photographed continually by visitors who declared it the most beautiful machine they had seen at the fair, thanks to its unique design. Another positive note: the German market showed signs of increased trust compared to last year, there was more of a propensity to invest in replacement parts for the machine, all to the benefit of our retailers.”

It was a huge success – as demonstrated by numerous new contacts – which was helped by the superior level of planning that went into the event, the clement weather and the special look of the stand, which stood out for its lively and fun atmosphere in full Wega style.