Wega’s sense for coffee tasting

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How is the perfect blend achieved? Naturally, the secret doesn’t just lie in the simple mixing of varieties: in fact, there are precise parameters that can insure the best result in terms of balance, intensity and strength. No less complex is the evaluation of the final product in the cup: it’s no coincidence t2013-02-22 11.30.28hat coffee tasting boasts a long history which can be expressed, as in other fields of food and wine, through a complex sensory analysis that can transform tasting into a veritable connoisseur’s experience.

The International Coffee Tasting is a privileged occasion to experiment with the pleasures of coffee. Every year the event hosts a competition adhering to rigid guidelines for sensory analysis promoted by the Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori Caffè (Iiac),  – (International Institute of Coffee Tasters), an independent association founded in 1993. The fourth edition took place in Brescia last October and brought together technical partners from the sector including Wega, which supplied equipment for the espresso bar used in the competition, which was qualified by Inei for Certified Italian Espresso.

The event was ideated to create a standard of quality for the consumer and offer directions to companies investing in quality.  It hosted a total of 113 champions from 13 countries representing all five continents and involved 26 tasters from the Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori Caffè (International Institute of Coffee Tasters) from 11 different countries. The regulations were inspired by those of the Organizzazione internazionale della vite e del vino (Oiv) (International Organization of vines and wines) and crowned the best coffees in the single-origin and blend categories prepared with filter, mocha and espresso techniques.red 2

The prize ceremony for the winners of the International Coffee Tasting took place at the Aperol Terrace in Milan last February 22 during the Tazzine d’Oro 2013 open day, an event that permitted hundreds of businesspeople from the coffee and communications sector to appreciate a truly fine quality espresso in the shadows of the Duomo Cathedral. Naturally, Wega wouldn’t have missed it for the world!