Polaris – Coffee with a rock beat!


We’ve always said that Wega has a rockstar spirit. We proved it with the video we made to launch the IO. In it our friends Andrea, Gloria, Massimo and Nicola had a great time leaping in the air, playing the electric guitar and doing tricks on their skateboards while being covered from head to toe in buckets of green, orange and white paint.

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Wega coffee machines enchant everyone in Iran!


Imagine a beautifully sunny piazza with immaculately-kept, leafy gardens surrounding a cascading fountain. We’re talking about the main square in the city of Esfahan, in central Iran, which in the middle of July 2016 was the setting for the first ever Iranian Latte Art Competition.

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Going East: Wega goes to Myanmar


One of the countries of the Indochinese Peninsula that is perhaps lesser-known, but no less bewitching and rich in culture, is the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, often referred to as Burma. This country, which borders Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand, lies on the splendid Bay of Bengal, into which flows the Ganges, not far from the place where Mowgli, the hero of “The Jungle Book”, lived.

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